Eppendorf 5418 Benchtop Microcentrifuge


The Eppendorf 5418 Benchtop Microcentrifuge is a high-performance centrifuge with a speed range of 300 to 18,210 x g for versatile sample preparation. Key features include temperature control from -10°C to 40°C, a compact footprint, whisper-quiet operation, and rotor options for tubes to 250ml bottles. This advanced, reliable centrifuge enhances productivity with quick access to all parameters on the easy-to-use control panel.


Eppendorf 5418 Benchtop Microcentrifuge. Take your centrifugation to new speeds with the Eppendorf 5418 Benchtop Microcentrifuge. This high-performance centrifuge delivers the versatility and reliability essential for your sample preparation needs.

The 5418 microcentrifuge provides a speed range of 300 to 18,210 x g (14,000 rpm) to handle everything from PCR tubes to 250 ml bottles. Its aerosol-tight rotor lid keeps samples safe at high speeds. Temperature control from -10°C to 40°C enables work with temperature-sensitive samples.

With its whisper-quiet brushless motor, compact footprint, and wide rotor options, the 5418 offers superb flexibility for all your centrifugation applications. It can accommodate both fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors for microcentrifugation up to large volume preparation.

An easy-to-use control panel allows fast access to all parameters. The large LCD displays running conditions at a glance. Store up to 99 programs for one-touch recall of routine settings.

Engineered for longevity and minimal maintenance, the Eppendorf 5418 Benchtop Microcentrifuge provides workhorse reliability to enhance your productivity. Discover new levels of speed, versatility, and convenience with this advanced centrifuge.


Max Speed: 18,210 x g

Max Capacity: 4 x 250 ml

Temp. Range: -10°C to 40°C

Dimensions: 25.6 x 48.9 x 29.5 cm

Weight: 30.8 kg

Price: $9,899

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