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Cutting-Edge Chromatography For Unrivaled Compound Separation and Analysis

Discover the world of Liquid chromatography instruments.

Dive into our Liquid chromatography systems for a closer examination of excellence. 

Cannabis Testing

Product Spotlight:

Thermo Sorvall ST 16R Refrigerated Centrifuge w/ Accessories

Experience unrivaled temperature control and reliability with the Thermo Sorvall ST 16R Centrifuge. This high-performance system takes your sample separation to the next level.

Cannabis Testing instruments

Terpene, pesticide, herbiside, BTEX analysis, we recommend the following.


Product Spotlight:

Heidolph Hei-VAP Advantage Evaporator w/ Heidolph Pump, Glassware + VWR 1167P Recirculating Chiller

Efficient evaporation precision. The Heidolph Hei-VAP Advantage Evaporator, paired with the Heidolph Pump and Glassware, along with the VWR 1167P Recirculating Chiller, offers streamlined, high-precision solvent removal, ensuring optimal extraction and concentration for your lab needs.

Experience Unmatched Precision

Explore innovative state-of-the-art evaporator technologies revolutionize the process, delivering exceptional accuracy and efficiency in solvent removal, setting a new standard in concentration techniques.