Agilent Technologies G6430A Triple Quad LCMS System with HPLC System

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This is a pre-owned Agilent 6430A Triple Quad LCMS system including 1260/1290 HPLC stack. The system has been properly maintained before it was decommissioned. Ready to SHIP.

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You can use one or more of the Agilent 6400 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS combinations to quantitate trace organic compounds in complex matrices:

Food safety studies

Environmental studies

Drug discovery





Paired with a powerful Agilent LC, the 6430A Series Triple Quadrupole MS delivers sensitive, reproducible analyses of target compounds in complex matrices such as Femtogram-level limits of detection.

The 6430A is known for adding an additional turbo pump, improves pumping in vacuum stage 2, updates collision cell lenses and can upgrade to a 6460. It also has the same resistive capillary transfer tube as the 6460A.

This is our pre-owned Agilent Technologies G6430A Triple Quad LC/MS System with HPLC System consisting of the following modules

(1) 1290 Infinity G1316C 1290 TCC

(1) 1290 Infinity G1330B 1290 Thermostat

(1) G1367E 1260 HiP ALS

(1) G1312B 1260 Bin Pump

(1) G4224A 1260 HiP Degasser

HP Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Edwards Vacuum Pump

(2) Battery BAck Ups and Cables

The system is in great working and physical condition. It was PMed annually until it was decommissioned in April 2023.

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 22 cm


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