Mettler Toledo DM 40 Density Meter


Experience unparalleled precision in your lab with the Mettler Toledo DM40 LiquiPhysics Excellence Density Meter. Swift measurements, automatic error detection, and adjustment verifications ensure reliable results, even before thermal equilibrium. This advanced instrument, with up to 50% off, guarantees rapid heating and cooling rates for unmatched efficiency. Elevate your scientific endeavors today!


Title: Mettler Toledo DM40 LiquiPhysics Excellence Density Meter


Enhance your laboratory precision with the Mettler Toledo DM40 LiquiPhysics Excellence Density Meter. This advanced instrument delivers swift measurements, featuring a unique method/product concept with automatic error detection and adjustment verifications. The DM40 ensures rapid heating and cooling rates, coupled with precise temperature control, guaranteeing reliable results even before thermal equilibrium is achieved. Its built-in algorithm reduces measurement time by 75% and detects non-homogeneous measuring cell filling.


  • Min Density Range (g/cm³): 0
  • Max Density Range (g/cm³): 3
  • Density Accuracy: 5E-05
  • Max Temperature (°F): 196
  • Min Temperature (°F): 32
  • Max Temperature (°C): 91
  • Min Temperature (°C): 0
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.1
  • Sample Volume (mL): 1
  • Length (cm): 27.2
  • Height (cm): 21.5
  • Width (cm): 38.5
  • Length (in): 10 45/64
  • Height (in): 8 1/2
  • Width (in): 15 1/5

Price: $3,800

Elevate your scientific endeavors with the precision and efficiency of the Mettler Toledo DM40. Order yours now!


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