Buchi Rotavapor Evaporator R215 with Vacuum Pump, Water Bath B-491, Glassware

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This is a pre-owned Buchi Rotavapor Solvent Evaporator R-215 and Water Bath B-491 in a very good condition.

The system includes Fisher MaximaDry diaphragm pump, and all the glassware.

The Rotavapor is designed and built for laboratory service. It is intended to be used on jobs involving solvents.

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This is our pre-owned Buchi Rotavapor Evaporator system R215 with Vacuum Pump, Water Bath B-491, Glassware, tested and in excellent working condition.

The system includes: Buchi R215, Buchi water bath B-491, Fisher MaximaDry diaphragm pump and the glassware.

– The angle of immersion is adjustable as well as the depth.

– The speed of rotation is infinitely variable between 20 and 280 rpm, 100-240VAC 60 Watts 50/60 Hz

– BUCHI heating Bath B-491 for flask sizes up to 5L with digital display for 20 °C to 180 °C, bath replenishment and level adjustment.


Glassware included:

– Glass assembly V

– Seal

– Collecting flask 1L

– Clip for receiving flask

– Evaporation flask 1L

– Joint adapter with combi-clip

– Vapour duct

– Stop cock

– Set flange screwed connection

– Deflector ring

– Power cables

– Instruction manual

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 20 cm


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